Maria Lyng is a Danish illustrator and graphic designer, with a passion for pointillism*, pencil drawings, logo design and paper.

Pointill (er); to mark with points

*Pointillism - a French painting technique dating back to the 1880's. An offshoot of Impressionism. Tiny distinct dots creating images. By Maria not painted, but drawn with fine pens. 


After completing a Bachelor in Visual Communication at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Denmark and interning at Homework, Maria moved to Paris and shortly after decided to fly solo as a freelance graphic designer in 2013.

Her style in graphic design takes form in a minimalistic and clean expression. From handdrawn letters for a logotype, lettering pieces to handwritten invitations on beautiful paper.

When she can she works on personal projects and this is how this webshop was born.
From time consuming small pointillism illustrations to even bigger pointillism illustrations and onto simple pencil drawings when her hand needs rest from all the dotting.

Never not letting her mind rest from creativity.

Her clients include Gentlemen's SanctumTammy & Benjamin, Les Yeux Roses, Georgiana ParaschivHomework.

Printed publications:

Los logos 7, 2014


Jung Katz: Maria Lyng - Pointillism illustrator (October 10, 2015)

Personal summary:

Born in 1983, Denmark. Have 2 sisters. One sister two years older, one sister two years younger. Started drawing early on. Compared my drawings to my two-year older sister's. Threw out my drawings. Went to school. Didn't say much. Drew some more. Saved my drawings. Took drawing lessons. Loved it. Went to high school. Started saying more. Fell in love. Loved art classes. Went to art school. Moved to Copenhagen. Got into jewellery design. Got a job as a jewellery designer in Aarhus. Made jewellery for two years. Needed new inspiration. Moved back to Copenhagen. Studied photography. Combined photography with typography. Got accepted at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Studied Visual Communication, Graphic Design. Moved to Paris. Became a freelancer. 

PDF portfolio upon request